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Daniel Ernerot

Copywriter, digital strategist, script writer and specialist in digital learning – with a special interest in sustainable communication. The hats I wear are - and have been - many. But the common denominator is that I like results and seeing both people and businesses grow.

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I have over 16 years of experience as a copywriter for both the smallest and the largest companies. I help you find the right words. Those that reach out, touch and cause the reader to act. I write in both English and Swedish. Often both.

Sustainable copy and communication

I am a specialist in sustainability communication, which involves giving your brand and message a CSR and sustainability perspective. It's about making your sustainability work relevant to the customer and to do even better business – while doing good.

Digital learning

In parallel with being a copywriter, I am a scriptwriter in film and e-learning projects for internal communications, competence development and behavioral change. Productions that have been awarded both in Sweden and internationally.

Digital strategy and web

As a digital strategist, I work to improve your company's presence in digital channels. It may be about developing your website, social media strategies, advertising or digital communication at large. I manage the entire chain from the database to the user interface and content.

What others have to say

Amazingly solution-oriented, attentive, pedagogical, service minded... can continue for long.

I had the pleasure of working with Daniel for a couple of years. First as a customer and then as his manager. Daniel has a rare ability to grasp and understand complex information, to then pick out the essentials, and explain it in text, or capturing it in a movie or scenario. To that, add that he has a social talent, combined with high integrity, and you will understand that Daniel is a highly valued colleague, employee or consultant.

I've had the privilege of working with you in a number of productions - and I've always been impressed with how you managed to capture exactly what we wanted in each project. You've always delivered on time, and I've always appreciated your low-key – but brilliant – intellect.

I had a chance to work with Daniel and get to know some of his wide spectrum of skills from such fields as hands-on programming til creative, writing, photography, managerial and what not. I can give my best recommendations for Daniel as a dedicated, multi-skilled professional.

Daniel is a creative and non-prestigious person with a strong focus on results and a strong will to progress. In discussions about how things should be explained or formulated, he usually comes up with releasing suggestions that allow you to move on before loosing energy. He also reads the customer's needs in a very responsive way that makes extensive wordings superfluous. He thinks quickly and adapts to the customer, instead of applying standard solutions. This, regardless of the content or shape of the message.

I have worked with Daniel in a number of e-learning productions. It's always a pleasure. He is professional, creative and caring. He has a genuine experience and a sense of how detail can enhance the quality of a production. When I work with Daniel, I also know that he is listening, because in spite of his own great knowledge, he is open to others' thoughts and ideas. If the conditions in a sharp situation changes, for example in a filming, Daniel can quickly find new solutions for the best results. Daniel provides knowledge, security and warmth in his role.